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treatment evaluation

Got an idea or treatment for a film and not sure if it will work?


I can provide expert evaluation on the merits of your idea and give you the concrete steps you need to take it further.

Starting at $50 for a one page evaluation.

Story development

A new climax for your hero's journey. A way to turn your short film into a feature length script. Or just looking for a fresh pair of eyes.


Let's take that next step together

Free initial consultation and quote. Cost will vary depending on stage of development.

script analysis

Does the story make sense? Is it any good? The questions every story teller asks themselves. 


My in depth analysis will help make your story great.

Short Analysis (under 40 pages) - $100

Feature Analysis (40-120 pages) - $250

script editing

Getting ready to film your story or wanting to polish it off for a pitch. In depth line editing of your completed story.


What to leave in or out and those moments you forget how to spell.

$45 per 10 pages. 

Includes a 60 minute one-on-one consultation

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